Notifications under iOS 5

After you’ve upgraded to iOS 5, alert notifications for Routines and Debts app might not be fired. iOS 5 in some cases does not upgrade the notification setting for the apps to the same setting as in iOS 4.x.

To enable back system notification for Routines and Debts app, open the Settings app and look under Notifications.

Notifications under iOS 5

Search for Routines/Debts app and tap to edit the detail notification settings.

Notifications under iOS 5

Turn on “Notification Center” to display alerts from Routines/Debts app in the Notification Center. Notification Center is new in iOS 5 and is activated by swiping from the status bar down. It will keep the alerts that you might have missed.

Setup the Alert Style for the notifications. “Banners” Alert Style is new in iOS 5, where the alert is displayed at the top overlaying the status bar. “Alerts” Banner Style is a popup alert similar to iOS 4.x.

Turn on “Sound” and “View in Lock Screen” options for playing the alert sound and displaying Routines/Debts alerts in Lock Screen.

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