Debts app is your companion debt tracking app in your road to financial freedom. Track your debts, use the payment schedule as reminder, and plan your payoff with the build-in payment estimator.

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Progress indicator for easy tracking and extra motivation

Debts are listed according to the order of payoff plan. Estimated payoff date are calculated based on your selected payoff plan.

Accurate debt position with payment & spending transactions

Capture both payment and spending transactions for each debt to reflect accurate position. Payment transactions are transactions that reduce the debt. Spending transactions are transactions that increase the debt.

Quick monitor of all payment schedule

View all payment schedule at a glance. Payments are grouped by "overdue", "current month", "next month" and "later" sections based on payment due date.

Receive timely notification for payment due date

Setup due date reminder from the app settings to receive notification before payment due date.

Snowball for fast track debt payoff

Select the payoff plan which is the desired payoff order of your debts. View details of each payoff plan for your debt payment planning. Turn on and off the snowball method to see how it affects the interest payment and payoff date. Read the guide on snowball payoff plan for more detail.

Reports for AirPrint or export

Debts and transaction reports comes with charts, PDF, CSV and AirPrint support. Print reports directly to AirPrint compatible printer. Email reports in PDF or CSV format. Or open PDF/CSV reports in third party apps such as Numbers and Dropbox.

Turn on passcode to prevent unauthorised access

Turn on passcode from the app settings to lock the access to the app.

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