Routines app is checklists for the repeated tasks and chores in your life. Use Routines app to keep recurring tasks from cluttering your calendar, email and other todo lists.

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly checklists

Enter recurring tasks into one of Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly checklists. Access each list with a simple tap.

Interval setting for task allows you to create task that repeat at irregular interval such as biweekly, every 3 days, every 4 months etc.

Home tab for quick access to tasks happening today

Home tab provides a dashboard view of all tasks from Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly list that are happening today. It is a one-stop listing for checking off today's tasks.

Tap list title or list icon to toggle different views

Tap on the list title for iPhone or view icon for iPad to toggle different view for the list. View is grouping of tasks. For example Yearly list has views that group the tasks into monthly, quarterly and half-yearly views.

Add context to tasks

It is easy to give context to tasks. Define your own context and use it to organize your tasks, such as to separate tasks for home and for work. Use context filter to display only tasks for a context. Each task can be assigned to one context.

Organize tasks with tagging

Tags are keywords that help describe the tasks. Assign one or more tags to each task and use the tag filter to limit what to display in list view.

Filter views by context or tags

Tap on the filter bar for iPhone or filter icon for iPad to setup filters using context or tags. Filter bar on iPhone is the orange color bar below the navigation bar.

Alerts & Notificatios

Create alerts to send you notifications on or before the task. Notifications can be turn off from the app settings.


Setup to auto-uncheck for each daily/weekly/monthly/yearly list. This will reset the checklist to a clean slate. For example you can setup to auto-uncheck all weekly tasks at every Monday morning 1am.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is it that check button for some tasks is hidden?
  • The check button is active only for tasks that are checkable for current day/week/month/year. Using weekly tasks as an example, only tasks that are happening this week will be checkable. Weekly task such as a biweekly task that is not happening this week will have its checkbox disabled. Checkout Understand Task Listing Detail for more info.
  • What is highlight before and highlight after in app settings?
  • You can setup a highlight before and highlight after period from current time for each daily/weekly/monthly/yearly task. With this setting turned on, task title will be orange in color when the next date/time of the task is within the date time range.
  • Let say you have turned on "Highlight" in app settings for Daily tasks, and setup "Hightlight Before" and "Highlight After" to be 1 hour. Current time now is 9.30pm. Which means any daily task with a next-date between 8.30pm to 10.30pm will have orange color title.

Daily Checklist

  • What is "Morning Till Night" view?
  • "Morning Till Night" view groups tasks into "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" and "Night". "Morning" is from 6am to 11.59am. "Afternoon" is from 12.00noon to 5.59pm. "Evening" is from 6pm till 11.59pm. "Night" is from 12midnight to 5.59am.

Monthly Checklist

  • For the "Week" view, how does Routines count the week number?
  • Week starts with week number 1. For every Monday is a new week.
  • What is "Half Month" view?
  • "Half Month" view grouped tasks into "First Half" and "Second Half". "First Half" includes days from 1 to 15. And "Second Half" is for tasks from day 16 to 31.

Tags & Context

  • How do I add my own tags or contexts?
  • You can manage tags or contexts from app settings. Tap on the settings icon at top right corner of the Home tab to access app settings.

Alerts & Notifications

  • How do I turn off notifications?
  • You can turn off notifications from app settings. Simply tap the "Notifications" switch to turn it on/off. Alternatively you can control notifications setting from iOS Settings app > Notification Center.

Routines for iPad

  • I have purchased Routines for iPhone. Do I have to purchase again for running Routines on iPad?
  • No. Routines is a universal app and the same purchase will enable running Routines on all your iOS devices. Just make sure you download the app using the same iTunes App Store account. App Store will remember that you have purchased the app and will not charge you again.
  • Is there a way I can transfer my Routines tasks in iPhone over to iPad so that I don't have to retype again?
  • You can use the Backup & Restore feature to transfer your tasks to another iOS devices.


  • Where is app settings?
  • Tap on the settings icon at top right corner of the Home tab to access app settings.
  • Does Routines app support iCloud or other cloud services for syncing tasks across multiple iOS devices?
  • Routines app currently does not support iCloud or other cloud services. There is no data sync feature. You can however use the Backup & Restore feature to transfer your tasks from one device to another.
  • Is there a free version of Routines?
  • There is no free or lite version of Routines.


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